Building a dream brick by brick

Dream with us

In the heart of the World’s Coolest Neighbourhood (Lonely Planet) where Inferno by Dan Brown was shooted, near Porta San Frediano (1334, with original doors and rivets, which can be found in the background of the famous painting Pala Neri by Filippino Lippi), there is the Ex-Rimessaggio Carrozze building.

This building was given to our foundation by the Municipality of Florence on free loan, but we must bear the costs of restoration.

Our dream is to build a place in Florence to spread and grow the respect for the environment, love of culture, decorum and civic education.
Casa del Bello per Firenze will host many events and initiatives for families, young and children.

(Giorgio Moretti, CEO)
In collaboration with CR Firenze Foundation.
The project

San Frediano’s neighbourhood was an inspiration not only for many artists (Masaccio and Filippino Lippi), but also for writers (such as Pratolini). Conceived to exploit this potential, the interior of the building will host exhibits, laboratories, educational paths, experiences to spread environmental culture and civic education, while the outside of the structure will be turned into a children’s game area.

Make a donation to support and contribute towards our cause for the benefit of our beautiful city: Florence.

Each and every donation is a precious gift to us, a small step towards the ultimate goal:

Casa del Bello per Firenze.
Step by step and brick by brick.

In return, you will receive:

Our foundations’ donation receipts to be enclosed in your tax statement & the brick’s ownership certificate to be posted on social media for visibility.

You will have your and your company’s name written on Casa del Bello per Firenze & constant updates about the renovation works.

Contribute and leave your mark!


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